Creativity is a Great Healer, Stress Reliever, Communicator, and Leveler.
We are a nonprofit dedicated to joining creativity and the community.

Vision Statement
To be a venturesome, cutting edge, vibrant nonprofit art organization that is recognized for excellence in fine arts, fine crafts, creativity, business acumen and community connectivity.

Mission Statement

  • To provide opportunities for people of all ages, skill levels and financial abilities to be creative and communicate through the arts
  • To create a presence for and with the community that unites and celebrates differences and diversity in the arts and between people
  • To mentor young and new artists and help them grow in skill and self-confidence
  • To collaborate with community, town, and county organizations to use art as a healing and teaching tool
  • To promote Castle Rock and the Front Range area as an arts community
  • To build a vibrant community art center that promotes and supports artistic creativity and growth
  • To be an active nonprofit business that supports other businesses and organizations towards mutual economic growth and stability
  • To be a voice for area artists to promote arts for all ages and mediums
  • To create an Art Market place and atmosphere where business and Art community benefit through classes, exhibits, and other options
  • To help educate artists on legal, marketing, presentation and medium issues

Community and Involvement
GCRAG takes its responsibility to the community serious and has implemented programs to serve and reach different populations.  GCRAG has a history of providing workshops and classes for members and the community through a wide variety of mediums.  If you have a suggestion on other community projects, please let us know by contacting us by email or at our post office box.

  • GCRAG can provide scholarships to people in financial need for classes and workshops.
  • GCRAG can help organize Special Events for businesses/corporations, such as Wine and Art, ‘Tea & Art Talk’, Teen Enrichment programs, and help with networking and social events that are tailored to individual business needs as related to the Art Community.
  • GCRAG can help secure speakers for community organizations about the benefits of creative endeavors, art, artist’s works, and participating in a 501 (c) 3 organization.
  • GCRAG members can help with Art programs for special needs populations such as people with physical or mental disabilities, and the elderly.
  • Our annual events and exhibitions give access to the community to share their art. GCRAG is the host to the National Arts Program Annual Front Range Exhibition – people of any age can enter free, and have their art on public display, through the non-profit organization, The National Arts Program Foundation.

Check in often with GCRAG for more exciting news on these and other community projects.

Stay tuned for more exciting news on these and other community projects.

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Art Around Town
This program unites local artists and local businesses in collaboration to create a presence within the Castle Rock and Front Range areas, thereby promoting vibrant arts communities, stimulating local economic growth, and presenting a positive healthy creative environment for all to enjoy.

The concept of the GCRAG Art Around Town project is simple: GCRAG can provide a variety of great art by local artists, and we can present it through close coordination with each participating business. Many businesses would like to have art on their walls, but would either have to pay a large fee for a service to provide it, or would need to negotiate directly with individual artists in an effort to have an interesting mix of artwork on display. By providing a donation driven art service to businesses who are interested, GCRAG can showcase the members’ artwork in a variety of business environments. The program is free for artists to participate in, with the agreement that a portion of any sales would be donated to GCRAG.

The engaging display of art on the walls of a business creates a stimulating environment, and adds to the overall value of the service provided to the customer. The artwork on display would be rotated on a quarterly basis, depending on the contractual agreement and desires of the business. The artwork will all be labeled with artists’ information, and will be available for purchase through the artists directly.

GCRAG now has several business partners in the Castle Rock area and is actively looking for more. Any artist or business interested in participating in the Art Around Town program should contact GCRAG through our email address or our P.O. Box address.  Ask about the Art Around Town program. We are always in need of participating artists.

Donation Opportunities and Sponsors
Individuals, families or small businesses are encouraged to contribute to GCRAG in amounts greater than the Annual Membership Contribution to support and underwrite the charitable and educational purposes of the Corporation.

If such contributions are made, such individuals, families or small businesses shall be recognized publicly, at some special events, and on our website and shall receive the honorary titles set out next to the contribution levels as follows:

  • Art Around Town Sponsor $250.00
  • Art Lover $350 – $499
  • Art Enthusiast $500 – $999
  • Art Supporter $1,000
  • Art Visionary $1000 to $2,499
  • Art Benefactor $2,500 to $4,999
  • Art Patron $5,000 and above

GCRAG relies on members, donors and sponsors for much of the funding necessary to fulfill community outreach and programs. Donor levels are available to individuals, families, small businesses and corporations.

GCRAG-Cert Of Good Standing2015 GCRAG IRS tax status 2015

Donation-Form for Checks and cash.  Please print and fill in the Donation Form and mail.

Other donation opportunities are available through a capital fund raising program, estate planning, targeted giving, and in-kind donations. GCRAG can accept stocks & bonds and other items approved by the Board of Directors for the general and specific support of GCRAG. (GCRAG will honor anonymity when requested.) Please contact GCRAG and specify, attention “Donations GCRAG Treasurer”.