Volunteer Opportunities

Please keep an on-going record of the hours you are giving to GCRAG.  These hours are used, among other things, to calculate membership activity for grants, perspective sponsors, financial reports, etc.  We know what wonderful work all of you are doing.  We – and you – just need to document that so the world can know!

We have many volunteer jobs available. Why do people volunteer? There are a number of reasons but the ones that we hear most often are:

  • We personally contact people
  • Volunteers are able to use skills they already have, and/or develop more
  • Volunteers learn usable skills that are transferable
  • It’s a way to give back to the world
  • Volunteers meet other members
  • Volunteers feel part of the community and/or give back to the community
  • It’s life changing
  • It’s meaningful
  • It’s challenging
  • It’s an adventure
  • It really is FUN!
  • You do not even have to be a member to volunteer with GCRAG

There are MANY volunteer opportunities in a nonprofit organization. Below is a list of past, present, and future opportunities available with GCRAG.

  1. Someone who would like to develop and update the monthly newsletter
  2. Grant writers/fundraisers
  3. People willing to give items for our silent auctions
  4. People willing to volunteer for our special events and exhibitions
  5. Serve as a Board Member.
  6. Serve on the GCRAG executive board.
  7. Filing & Organization of the GCRAG records.
  8. Help maintain and develop skills for Eventbrite   https://www.eventbrite.com
  9. Volunteers for Art Around Town – we have several businesses available for our members to build a relationship with and display their Art.
  10. Volunteers to work with the Event Director and Lead Coordinators to plan and organize the events & exhibitions.
  11. Carpenters, craftsmen, general helpers for a variety of events and projects.
  12. Marketing Committee
  13. Basic record keeping, including any background checks, and necessary legal documents.
  14. Instructors for classes, workshops, and the Teen Program.
  15. Social Media Developer and Maintenance Manager
  16. Membership Coordinator
  17. Membership Meeting Coordinator (set up membership meetings, locations, snacks, guest speakers, agendas, create interest in developing GCRAG as a viable organization.
  18. Develop a Volunteer Coordinator position, including ways to acknowledge our Volunteers for their time and efforts.
  19. Post Office & Mailing duties
  20. Any other ideas you have or might like to try out and develop.